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Someone asked me recently what a writer was. "Someone who writes," seemed not only obvious but perhaps flippant. I thought for a moment then answered as candidly as I could.

"Writing is an art form, so I suppose a writer is an artist. We aren't forced to write, we write because we want to, are often compelled to use words to paint a picture. An artist who paints, will be inspired by a beautiful house or garden; perhaps by a park full of people, a beautiful man or woman, an ugly shack - anything that grabs the imagination, begging to be put on canvas. I think a writer is the same, but we create our story with words. Our canvas is the blank page we fill with scenes, dialogue, backgrounds, offering stories we hope will touch the reader, much like the person standing in awe before a painting at the Louvre." So write on, there are endless colors in your pallet of words. Use them well and have fun.

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