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Unlimited access, 24/7 to the work listed by the writer population.

​Any genre, word count, writer's bio, sampling of the work and contact information will be listed.

Access to our exclusive Forum. Discuss, chat, offer advice, and more!

I’m already swamped with submissions. As much as I’d like to respond to each one, I seldom can. How can Kentbury help with that?

You already have your routines and schedules and personal style of working. A Kentbury membership just broadens your way of looking at the work that is out there. If you accept unsolicited manuscripts, this lets you look at more in less time. If you do not accept unsolicited work, you will have the luxury of quickly seeing what’s out there without having to say no.

Please explain how I might find something just by browsing? That will take a lot of time too, won’t it?

As well as saving time and broadening the field for great collaboration for the literary world, we are here to tell you that Kentbury is fun! Think of it this way: If you need new shoes or a special gift, you might go online, you might go to the mall, but you’ll likely be browsing, searching for just the right thing. You have something in mind, or you want to get ideas. You might find exactly what you want, or you might be thrilled to get a new idea from all the great things being offered! Unless you hate to shop, this kind of excursion is usually considered fun. You you go shopping for a new car. You might know exactly what you want, or you want to see what’s out there. Not sure which model or what color, but you’ll know it when you see it! So we say, get those shoes! Test drive that car! Come to Kentbury, browse, have fun and find the next best seller!

Will Kentbury screen or edit for writers?

No. We will encourage the writing membership to edit and submit their best efforts which should be a no-brainer, but the browsing membership will decide what they want to look at. Again, just like looking on-line or in a shop, you’ll see pretty quickly what grabs your attention and what you’ll pass by. Remember, a whole manuscript will not be there, just the basic information that will allow you to decide if you want to see more.

Ok, so exactly how will it work? I don’t have time to look through thousands of titles, hoping to find something I’m interested in.

Let’s say you are looking for a children’s book about grandparents, or a murder mystery taking place in Montana. Our search feature will allow you to go to that genre and narrow down your search by word count, and other criteria. It will still require browsing but you can quickly decide if a particular title is something you want to know more about. If you do, then just like an online site where you’re shopping for a particular item, you click on the link to learn more.

Then what?

If you like what you see and want to know more, you will then be able to contact the writer directly. Anything which then transpires is between you and the writer. Kentbury is a meeting place, a platform where talent meets talent scouts.

Does Kentbury get a finding fee or other fees?

Absolutely not! We will take great satisfaction in connections that result in representation or publication but we pride ourselves on being straightforward in what we offer and in keeping it simple!

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