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Membership Includes:

Unlimited access, 24/7 to the work listed by the writer population.

​Any genre, word count, writer's bio, sampling of the work and contact information will be listed.

Access to our exclusive Forum. Discuss, chat, offer advice, and more!

  • Does Kentbury guarantee I will get published?
    We wish that were the case, but no. Kentbury is a virtual meeting place where the publishers, agents, editors, directors, producers…anyone looking for literary work will browse and stop when something catches their eye. If you attended a Writers’ Conference or Book Fair you are there to gather information and to meet and greet. Kentbury provides a comfortable venue where those who are looking for a literary property can come to you.
  • Do I put my whole manuscript or story on the site?
    NO. When you join the Kentbury community of writers, you will be guided through the membership process. You will choose the genre - if you are not sure just where your work belongs, you can contact us. You will then upload very basic information with a small sample of your writing. When the publishers, agents, etc. take notice, they will contact you directly.
  • Does Kentbury take a percentage or ask a fee if I get published?
    No. Never. Our reward is your success!
  • How long should I showcase my work on the Kentbury site?
    That will be up to you, but the longer you have it out there, the more it will be seen. As membership grows, both from the writers and the publishing community, you can expect your work to be seen by new people every day. The very reasonable monthly fee to join Kentbury, affords you the opportunity for your work to be seen - day or night, 24-7.
  • What if someone tries to steal my work?
    As soon as you put your name on your work, it is yours. Often called “the poor man’s copyright,” it has worked for decades. Plagiarism and real theft may occur in the literary world, but it is rare. Think of it this way…if you attend a writers conference, book fair, or you’re sharing information on social media, you are promoting your work and lots of people will know about your project - very few will be motivated to copy or steal your work. We will suggest one caution, however - If your work or title are only in the idea stage, don’t tell everyone you meet. It’s fun and exciting to talk about your work, but do it in a guarded way until you actually have a finished product or you know and trust whomever you are sharing it with.
  • Should I still submit my work to publishers and agents?
    Absolutely! As you know, writing is often the easy part - getting a publisher or agent is the bigger challenge. Kentbury will not replace the time-honored protocol of writers seeking recognition from a traditional publisher, but it does offer yet another way to showcase your work.
  • Can I submit more than one piece of work to Kentbury?
    Yes. You will see the guidelines for membership which will tell you just how to upload to your site. You will be able to showcase three titles and when someone queries you, you will then have the opportunity to talk to them directly about other titles you have or are working on.
  • Can I showcase just an idea or do I have to have a finished piece?
    Yes, you may showcase an idea or concept. You will join and fill out the membership form, but there will be a box to check if it is a Finished Work, or Work In Progress.
  • Why will publishers, agents, editors, etc. come to Kentbury?"
    For generations, the accepted way for writers to get published has been Query-Submit-Wait. Self-publishing has changed that a little, but I do not know any writer who does not dream of getting traditionally published. That being said, we are appealing to the publishing world in several ways: First, the obvious benefits of TIME and CONVENIENCE. Convenience because Kentbury is there anytime, day or night, like any on line site that can be accessed and searched in the US and around the world. TIME, because every person on the publishing side of the industry will tell you what a precious commodity it is. Secondly, CURIOSITY and COMPETITIVENESS - It is a compelling desire to see what is out there, and competing for the next best seller, new voice or exciting script or play, is why they will register and come to Kentbury. And finally, the famous iconic stories that everyone in the literary world knows about - THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY. Rejections go with the territory, but the fact that works like Moby Dick, Lord of the Flies, Lolitaand Harry Potter, were rejected time and again, is sometimes hard to fathom. Gone With the Wind was rejected 38 times, A Wrinkle In Time, 26 times, Twilight, 14 times, and the prize for tenacity, goes to Robert M. Persig, with 121 rejections for Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, an instant Best Seller when William Morrow decided to take a chance in 1974. From Jane Austin to John Grisham and Stephen King; Beatrix Potter, Herman Melville and John LeCarre, who was told to get another profession! The long and impressive list of “the ones that got away,” simply speaks to the fact that publishers and agents are human and tastes and perceptions are subjective. Kentbury provides a platform, perhaps a broader one, for everyone to get that much closer to success.
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