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About Kentbury

What If . . . 

there was a meeting place.

A virtual community where writers showcase their work and where those competing for those writers can find them.  

Writing since she was a child, Cheryl knows first-hand about the way things work in the world of publishing.


“Admittedly, my perspective comes more from that of the writer, but the publishers, agents and editors, those whose job it is to find the salable work, the next bestseller, have their own frustrations. The most common complaint is TIME.


“Kentbury was that momentary flash, inspiration if you will, that came to me one evening when I was searching an on-line site for a special wedding gift. I was sitting in a cozy chair, comfortable, having fun actually, and I thought about my own work, my writing.  Like so many new ideas and inventions, it began with…’What if?’”


“One of the beauties of Kentbury is its SIMPLICITY.  A place for the writers to showcase their work where it can be seen by those searching and browsing through the different genres. ”


Cheryl grew up in New Jersey, lived in six different countries and traveled the world accompanying her husband, a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department. 

“Living in exotic places, learning about different cultures and peoples, was not only wonderful, but provided rich fodder for any writer,” she likes to say.

“Now with Kentbury, I get to share that love of writing with others in the literary world.  We understand each other’s dreams, share goals, and the support and encouragement is awesome!”

Cheryl Nugent

President / Founder

Allen Nugent.png

Born and raised in New Jersey, Allen attended Western Maryland College, but in his sophomore year joined the US Marine Corps. A decorated veteran, Allen returned to college on the GI Bill, earning a degree from Rhode Island College and in 1976, joined the US Foreign Service with assignments to Burma, Paraguay, China, Australia, Thailand and served as Deputy Chief of Mission/Acting Ambassador to the Island Country of Palau in Micronesia.

Allen brings strong organizational and management skills to Kentbury, with a fine eye for detail. 

Allen E. Nugent
Chief Operations Officer

Very Special Thanks to
Our "Founders"

Alex Barrow

Rochelle Crutchfield


Betty McMichael


Jody McNamara


Dara Oden

Howard Pyle


Kimberly Ann Miller



Victoria Sheffield


Teresa Webber


Carol Whalen

Dennis Whalen


Barbara Wheat


Barbara Yeatman


Carolyn Yordy

Town Scribe

Nancy Light

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