Writers write...not terribly profound but rather simple good advice.

But it's so easy to let millions of things get in the way of that process.

Then, it's also easy to make all of those things excuses to put writing on the

back burner. Afterall, unless you have a deadline and commitment to a high-paying editor, writing waits for daily chores, shopping, dinner parties, walking the dog, watching TV. The Holidays are a BIG usurper of the craft, so let's at least do this -


From Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" to Charlie Brown, the holidays provide endless fodder for the writer paying attention. The infamous family dinners, the tree, the Menorah, the Festivus Pole (re Seinfeld), the personalities, outfits, family heirlooms that make an appearance once a year. Don't miss the inspiration - remember, you're a writer and a writer writes!

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