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Every month is special, from the excitement of New Year to the holiday magic of December, but there is something about May. Not all spring, not all summer...Mother Nature offers up flowers, fledglings beginning to fly, baby rabbits, squirrels, planning proms, graduations and weddings for June. And let's not forget Mother's Day, celebrated here in the US tomorrow!

Celebrated in literature, film and song, one of my favorites is from Camelot, on stage and film... sung by Julie Andrews on Broadway, and by Vanessa Redgrave in the 1967 film, the song celebrates spring. Alan Jay Lerner wrote the wonderful lyrics, a special category for writers. So, you don't have to write any Broadway Plays (although there's nothing stopping you!), but anything can be inspiration, certainly a month, any month, but here we are in May - so go for it. Hit those keys!

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