How is everyone? I, and our wonderful Kentbury team, are social distancing, wearing our masks, all of the things that are so important right now in the fast-changing reality of our daily lives. For writers, we see stories everywhere and there is no lack of ideas during this time we are all navigating in our own way. Please let us know what you're working on, any questions you have about developing a story idea. Share on the Forum and we can offer the support we all need at times, especially so now. Be well, be safe.

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"The King is dead, long live The King," is the traditional proclamation when a monarch dies and another immediately ascends to the throne, first heard in 1461, on the death of Charles VII of France. T

Whether you are writing a children's story, your bio, a cookbook, a romance or a thriller, it is important to get your facts right. Personally, I have spent hours researching a bit of history, making