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No surprise that CATS are so popular for children's stories, charming anecdotes, seen in film and endless stories for well...centuries. We all know what the ancient Egyptians thought of the feline. Oh, and let's not forget an award-winning Broadway musical! So, I am highlight one TRUE story about a cat named Scarlett, that became an international star and hero.

On March 30, 1996, Scarlett and her five kittens were in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn when a fire started from undetermined causes. The New York City Fire Department responded to a call about the fire and quickly extinguished it. When the fire was under control, one of the firefighters, David Giannelli, noticed Scarlett carrying her kittens away from the garage one by one.

Scarlett herself had been severely burned in the process of pulling her kittens from the fire. Her eyes were blistered shut, her ears and paws burned, and her coat highly singed. The majority of her facial hair had been burnt away. After saving the kittens she was seen to touch each of her kittens with her nose to ensure they were all there, as the blisters on her eyes kept her from being able to see them, and then she collapsed unconscious.

Scarlett and her kittens were rescued, taken to the North Shore Animal League in Long Island, and under proper care, recovered. One kitten did die, but Scarlett and four of her babies were adopted, with over 7,000 adoption applications! Scarlett went to a wonderful home where she lived until her death in 2008.

By all means, take a minute and see Scarlett's full story, so inspiring, about a dear little animal who braved fire to save her babies. If you are inspired to find your own story...animals are a constant source of great material for any writer. Purrrrrrr.... thank you.

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