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Writer's Write... I'm not sure who said that...but a very obvious comment, to be sure.

But as a writer, I like to remind myself, and others who may have this creative passion, that anything can be a story, anyone can have a story or be inspiration for a character, and history, whether you write it or even like it (cannot imagine you do not)...history is the backdrop, the base coat, the foundation for our writing. Thinking of that, I thought I'd see what happened on this day in history, the 28th of April. Here are just a few of very memorable events, always inspirational, as evidenced in the books and films that were born from these events. Have fun, research will bring you all kinds of ideas and remember to edit, edit...and edit!

1789 Tahiti - Mutiny On The Bounty

1789: Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny against the commanding officer William Bligh aboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty. Mutineers set Captain Bligh and 18 crew loyal to the captain afloat in a 23-foot open boat. Captain Bligh and his remaining loyal crew made it after a 47-day voyage to Timor in the Dutch East Indies and returned to England and reported the mutiny. The Mutineers eventually settled in Pitcairn Island and Tahiti.

1947 Peru - Kon-Tiki Expedition

1947: A Norwegian expedition including 5 Norwegians and a Swede headed by Thor Heyerdahl set out on the raft The Kon-Tiki from Peru in South America to cross the 4000 miles of Pacific Ocean to prove that the Polynesian Islands were settled in a similar way thousands of years ago, the raft is equipped with a square sail and paddles.

2008 New Zealand - Colossal Squid

2008: A rarely found Colossal Squid 34 feet long, and weighing 1/2 ton squid is being dissected to help understand a little more about rare animal that lives largely in the cold Antarctic waters. The squid is believed to grow up to 30ft long, a similar length to the sperm whale they are believed to tussle with in the depths of the ocean.

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