How many of you have entered a writing contest? There are certainly enough out there.

I entered several in the past year and wish I could say I won something...but experience

is always valuable, learning too. If you're considering entering one, please look into it first.

Some have excellent reputations and status. Others not - some are free, many are not. All the legitimate ones will have reputable judges - some, I have heard, just pick a "winner" out of a hat. So, enter by all means, but just do a little research first.

Now...ever write a song? Do you ever write rhyming poetry? Here's a link to an unusual contest that is paying $100,000 for a catchy jingle to represent their firm - Morgan and Morgan.

Check it out, give it a try and keep us posted! Good luck! Here's the link. If it doesn't go to the site, just look it up.

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