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5 Reasons To Become A Librarian

Evelyn: Look, I—I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell! But I am proud of what I am!
Rick O’Connell: And what is that?
Evelyn: I am . . . a librarian!

This unforgettable exchange is from The Mummy perfectly describes the pride and passion that comes with being a librarian.

Today is April 16, which means it’s National Library Workers Day. All last week we celebrated and appreciated National Library Week by thanking our librarians and talking about the benefits of reading, but we want to take time to appreciate the extra lengths our local librarians go to for us.

So if you’re thinking about becoming a librarian, then look no further — we’ve got the reasons for you right here.

Reason #1: You’re Helping Your Community

Without you, some people would be hopelessly lost.

Being a librarian means that you’re constantly helping people locate the material, find jobs, and accomplish tasks that seem mundane to you — but make the difference to your community.

Libraries also hold public events and workshops — and, well, somebody’s got to host them! Librarians directly work with the community by hosting these educational and fun events but also help the community by raising money, taking donations, planting gardens, and many other selfless ways.

Reason #2: You’re Always Learning

Librarians are always technologically and socially evolving. They always have access to their computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones — and know how to search for whatever you may be looking for.

This requires a great deal of multitasking and learning, which can easily be translated into real life.

Not to mention that when librarians help people with certain materials or projects, they might learn something along the way too.

Reason #3: You’re In Great Working Conditions

Okay, who can say no to a quiet, air-conditioned room where you’re surrounded by books, computers, and an abundance of learning materials?

The best part just might be that everybody else is there for the same purpose as you.

Reason #4: You Work In Academia

If you ever wanted to be a teacher but still retain your sanity, then a librarian might be the career path for you.

Most librarian jobs require an undergraduate degree in teaching and require you to work directly with students of all ages. The beautiful part is that you are constantly teaching children — but in half the time!

Reason #5: You’re Following Your Passion

The best part about the librarian profession is that it falls under so many realms. Whether you’re a writer, reader, teacher, learner, helper, or a tech pro, becoming a librarian is sure to satisfy any of these niches you may have.

Find A Library School Near You

Let’s be honest: Evelyn from The Mummy is a bad-ass — and she learned a lot of her useful skills in the movie from being a librarian.

So, who wouldn’t want to be an Evelyn?

If you’re considering becoming a librarian, then take a look at some teaching undergrads and library and information science schools near you.

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