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You've Written a Book. Now What?

Okay, so you’ve written a book.

You’ve spent countless hours — maybe even years — perfecting your manuscript. It’s slowly evolved from an idea that sparked (perhaps in a dream?) into a full-fledged concept with living characters and story lines.

And you did it. You finished it.

Now what?

Well, you have three options:

#1: Do nothing.

You’ve written it but don’t have plans to do anything with it. You don’t care if anybody reads it.

Okay, let’s be honest. That doesn’t sound like a productive idea. Most people who’ve written a book don’t just stop because it’s over, which is why most people consider the second option:

#2: Seek a publisher.

Here’s the problem: seeking out publishers is expensive, time-consuming, and a little discouraging. On top of it all, you’ve got to convince total strangers to read your submission and tell them why your story is the best.

In fact, Writer’s Digest recommends you don’t give up on querying with your book unless you’ve queried at least 80 agents.

And assuming each query costs you $50, that’s $4,000 alone on submissions! And then you’ve got to consider how long it takes you to write a pitch that’s tailored to each specific publisher.

Sure, you’re a writer, but that’s not easy.

At this point, many people opt for self-publishing through Amazon or other companies. This is a fine route, but it has its downfalls, such as lack of editing, marketing, and cover design. Most of the time, writers aren’t able to shell out a couple grand to perfect their work.

This is why instead of exhausting your other options, you should try Kentbury.

#3: Use Kentbury.

Kentbury is a community whose goal is to connect writers to talent scouts — like publishers, agents, editors, even producers. It’s an opportunity where publishers and the like can scout books of all genres at their leisure, searching for the next best thing.

At Kentbury, we’re happy to offer all of our users a free membership — but that’s not where it stops.

Our blog, the Kentbury Library, is a hub for blogs and featuring stories and books like yours.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • 1 (one) blog post written about your book, which will also be showcased on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This will be shared 2 (two) times, both during high-traffic hours on social media

  • Give your book a shout out to our subscribers and Kentbury members in our monthly newsletter

And guess what?

It’s all for free.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s what you do:

  1. Sign up for Kentbury.

  2. Go to your Writer’s Dashboard and upload up to three of your own book synopses.

  3. Under “Blog,” click “Get Featured.”

  4. That’s it!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — you wouldn’t want to miss us promoting your book, would you!?

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