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Writing: Expectations vs. Reality

"You write for a living? That must be so easy and fun!"

Fun? Sure. Easy? Absolutely not.

Writing often gets the misconception that it's easy, but as we know, that couldn't be further from the truth. It requires a lot of self-diligence and the ability to go a day writing and editing without accidentally frying your brain.

After all, if it was so easy, then businesses wouldn't need content writers and everybody would write their own books!

So, writers, we know the truth. Let us commence the expectations versus reality of writing -- whether it's a play, a book, or a college essay.


1. Expectation: Showing off your stellar vocabulary through your extensive and impressive choice of words.

Reality: Relying on Google and spell check when it comes to spelling words like "pseudonym" and "millennium" ... and sometimes, after a realllllly long day, words like "expectations" and "reality."

2. Expectation: As a writer, you are writing all day, every day.

Reality: We probably should, but we're not. We need breaks just like everybody else, otherwise words begin meshing together and you forget the proper rules of English grammar.

3. Expectation: Having pages and pages of research for character- and world-building based on observations you've made during the day.

Reality: Creepy and unsettling stares at strangers in public alongside Google searches about "how to get blood stains out of the carpet" or the like for your crime-drama novella.

4. Expectations: You are inspired all the time and ready to tackle that blank word document anytime of the day.

Reality: Something we wish were true, but isn't. Sometimes we go days or weeks without writing. It's not uncommon to have a dry spell of writer's block, where nothing -- no matter what -- looks good on that blank page.

5. Expectations: Knowing every bit there is to know about your main character, like their full name, favorite colors, third-favorite foods, how old they were when they said their first word, which angle their cowlick curls...

Reality: "What did I make his name again?"

6. Expectations: The curtains are blue because the author wants the reader to understand symbolism and realize that the character is foreshadowing an upcoming and inevitable eternal depression.

Reality: I didn't even think of mentioning the color of the curtains.


What are some expectations versus reality moments you've experienced? Let us know below or shout out to us on Twitter!

And remember...

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