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Book Title

How Aunt Sally Got Her Name

Jean Peel

Word Count



Under 1000


Ocean Reeve Publishing

What's it all about?

Aunt Sally is an old, grey, fat, cat who nowadays likes to sit on her favourite mat and remember the adventurous life she's led. This rhyming story is suitable for all children up to the age of 5 or 6. Please read some of the reviews on my website from children aged 10 to 18. From nursery rhymes to stories like Aunt Sally, children can't afford to miss out on this important part of their education. How Aunt Sally Got Her Name is the first in a series of nine (9) rhyming stories. Well, they do say cats have nine lives, don't they? Some of the stories are very loosely based on the exploits of my old White Puss, a stray kitten who adopted me and was loved for almost fifteen years,


This story you're about to hear
Will hopefully please, so do not fear.
It’s how Aunt Sally was given her name
By a little girl called Matilda-Jane.

The story begins a long time ago,
On the opening day of the annual show.
When a mother cat left her two kittens to play
So she could go hunting to find some prey.

Their home was in a farmer’s shed.
The bales of hay made a comfy bed.
They learned to keep out of the farmer’s way.
There were lots of places to hide and play.

The kittens soon grew tired of their games
And ended up calling each other names.
When her brother curled up to have a nap
Aunt Sally ran off without thought of mishap

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