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Book Title

Friendship Isn't Just for the Birds

Cheryl Taragin

Word Count



Under 1000


Hear Our Voice, LLC

What's it all about?

“Friendship Isn’t Just for the Birds” is a story about friendship, adventure, and safety as told through the eyes of three little birds, an inseparable trio. The birds interact with other creatures and nature in their quest to find unusual signs, signs of fun and adventure, signs of something special and meaningful, signs too important to miss. In the process, they protect one another and discover the true meaning of friendship. The story ends with a heartfelt wish goodnight.


Flighty and Righty turned to see a bush with big eyes. As they hopped closer, they noticed the greenish color of a giant caterpillar.

“I’ve seen your friend,” said the caterpillar while lunching on leaves.

“Could you please tell us where?” Flighty asked in his most eager voice.

Righty wanted to lunch on leaves too, but they had to find Mighty. Flighty looked like he might cry.

“You’ll find your friend among the honeysuckle blossoms,” replied the caterpillar, pointing the way with antennae. “He’s just beyond the sycamore tree at the end of this path.”

Flighty and Righty thanked the helpful creature and quickly flew over to the honeysuckles.

There was Mighty having the time of his life.

Two butterflies played, performing a multicolored show in the sunlight as Mighty watched their wings dance and kiss.

“I was wondering when you two would show up,” Mighty chuckled. “Tag, you’re it!” he laughed, lightly flapping a wing against theirs.

Then, as quickly as they had found him, Mighty raced into the sky.

Flighty and Righty flew behind doing their best to keep up.

That’s when they discovered a dark green bush, its branches heavy with juicy red berries.

Righty’s stomach growled loudly.

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