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Book Title

Bubba Did What?

Cheryl Nugent

Word Count



2500 - 5000


What's it all about?

Finn is a lively boy who dreams of Great Danes and German Shepherds, but when his dad brings home a young dog with one floppy ear and questionable heritage, Finn's dreams are dashed. "He looks like an old Bubba dog," Finn says and the name sticks. In spite of Bubba's desire to be a good dog, Finn blames him for everything and "Bubba did what?" is a daily question. But when Finn and his friends are in trouble, it is the funny looking dog that saves them and teaches everyone the lesson we all should remember, that looks do not matter, but character, loyalty and love always do.


It was almost dinner time when Dad got home. As usual, Bubba was waiting by the door to say hello, but instead of his nightly greeting, as soon as Dad opened the door, Bubba ran out.
“Bubba, come here! Bubba!” Dad called. Bubba always listened, so he turned, looked at Dad, barked twice, then ran down the road to find Finn.
“Bubba did what?” Mom said when she heard that Bubba ran off and did not listen.
“Well, Finn should have been home by now, and Bubba hated being left behind. I bet they’ll be right back. Besides, it’s almost dinner time, and Bubba never misses dinner,” Mom said.
When Bubba finally got out to follow Finn, the dog could sense something was wrong. He ran to the pond and quickly picked up the scent of Finn and the other boys. With his super sense of smell that all dogs have, Bubba knew just where to go. He ran as fast as he could along the trail until he finally reached the old cabin. It was almost dark now, but Bubba went into the cabin and straight to the trap door. He not only had the boys’ scent, he could hear their voices. Bubba barked and scratched at the door.
“Listen, listen!” cried Finn. “It’s Bubba!”
All the boys were shouting. Bubba was barking but Finn told everyone to be quiet.
“Bubba, go get help. Go find Dad, Bubba! Go!” Finn shouted.
“Oh great,” said Henry. “That dumb dog isn’t gonna know what to do!” Henry said.
“He’s not a dumb dog. He’ll get help!” Finn said.
“Yeah, he found us, didn’t he?” said Sid, and George agreed.
The boys were cold in the underground room, they were scared and they were hungry but Finn knew Bubba would get help. He had to.

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