Every month enjoys a special magic full of legends, famous birthdays, noted holidays...romance and drama. Here we are in May already. Time does fly! Today was my mother-in-law's birthday. She is gone, but certainly not forgotten. I see her every day in my wonderful husband, in the family photos on display and even in the kitchen, when I am using the enduring iron skillet that makes the best pancakes ever! I share this with fellow writers today, because, more than once in my years of writing, it is she I will draw on for a certain character. Unique, like we all are, I picture her, and the adjectives swirl around. Adverbs flow freely. I don't think she would mind, and I thank her for the help. So, I often hear how hard it is to create "believable" characters. Draw on who and what you know - always the best advice. I also use actors and celebrities, a character from a film - just enough to give that substance I need to make the reader love them, hate them, root for them, care about them. Let's talk about character development on the Forum...see you there!


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