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Book Title

Body Language

Liam Leddy

Word Count



Oover 175,000



What's it all about?

Where are they all now I thought? I grew up in 60`s Glasgow Scotland U.K Glasgow`s a tough city with tough kids. I had the idea for a crime fiction novel. I had the raw material. I grew up with teenage would be gangsters. Did they make the grade? Were they really tough enough?
According to my debut crime fiction novel Body Language some of them did and became career criminals. Two of them in particular. Danny Hagan and Johnny Horner. However their close friend Lassiter-like Morse no first name is commonly known- became an investigative reporter! Some of the others even became policemen like Bradford Hegarty and Dawson. Really tough guys also. Then we have the girls. Danny Hagan`s sister Maggie Hagan a born Glasgow comic. Maggie is hilariously funny almost all of the time. We also have Sarah, Lassiter`s teenage sweetheart who married someone else much to her great regret. Another girl known only as P.J.then and now was a teenage drug addict. P.J. also completely changed her life became a doctor and is now a practicing general practitioner.
These are only the main characters. Body Language teems with authentic Glasgow street characters and is written mainly in the language of the Glasgow streets. I know they are accurate. I never left Glasgow. I know this city inside out!


"Nothing changes much does it Maggie? Over thirty years and we`re still doing the same old double act. I buy you a double and you tell me you don`t know where he is. I buy you another and you tell me you`ve always fancied me. After the third you suddenly remember where I might find him. I mean I could just take you next door to the off-sales and buy you a couple of bottles if I thought it would help but you and I both know you would only tell me a load of shit. And stop calling it sherry. It`s wine Maggie. Cheap fortified wine. Tastes like camel`s piss! I should know. Remember?"
"Didnae know ye`d tasted it. Camel`s piss I mean"
Lassiter grinned, lifted her half-empty glass from the scarred table and went to the bar to get her a re-fill. He`d always liked Maggie. He hadn`t met too many women who could make him laugh but she was one of them.

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