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Book Title


Kathy J Leyfert

Word Count



60,000 - 80,000


What's it all about?

They're emotional eaters, they squabble with their bosses, are addicted to chocolate, they struggle with their faith, and fall in love with the wrong angels. Angels? How better to guide us humans than to experience all that we enjoy and struggle with on a daily basis. Some however, struggle harder than others in the matter of love. Heavenly angels follow their hearts into Lucifer's land and find themselves between the Realms. They don't follow the Prince, but they are not with the Creators, they are in fact Fencers.


Calaina, the Archangel Michael's personal assistant sat on the edge of a Warrior angel watchtower. The goliath of an angel she was sharing the mirador with currently belting out a ballad of the glories of being in Michael’s army. It was slightly of key, but a far better than the cries, and begging for mercy that was coming off the Judgement stair not far from them. Calaina flinched when the jaunty song ended and the noised amplified.
“Not too many like to hear me sing.” Warrior angel Riffian said, smiling down at her. “I appreciate you letting me, it passes the time.”
Calaina smoothed the linen cover of the stuffed satchel she was carrying.
“You can sing as long and loud as you want. I can’t stand listening that.” She gestured to the stair. “How can you bear it?”
“The section bosses rotate us to different points on the Stair. The top and bottom are the worse, so they try to give everyone equal time in the middle where it’s not so bad. We’re in that limbo section that’s not quite to the middle, but they’re far enough away from the Field that they are starting to calm down.”
When she smirked, he held up his hands in mock defense. “I said starting. Besides, it’s a whole hullabaloo about nothing. Most of them are going through the Gates to Heaven, only the really bad ones are going to the Outlands. Even then, if they show real remorse, they get to come home to Heaven too. But we’re not allowed to tell them that, so I sing to block them out. Let me do this one. I learned it from John and Oko yesterday. It’s not Yesterday, but I learned it yesterday.”
“Rifian,” Calaina laughed. “You’re adorable. Please sing it, I can hardly wait.”
“O.K. here we go.” The angel had taken a deep breath just as enraged shouts floated over to their watchtower from the Stair.
He jerked his attention back to the Judgment Stair. From their vantage point, it looked as if a great mass was rolling down the gold and silver stairs. It would gain momentum, stall, then take off with a vengeance once more.
“Stay here.” Riffian ordered. He ran to the back of the watchtower and jumped off, opening his great golden wings.
The air shimmered as his powerful back muscles pumped and thrust him high into the azure sky. “I’ll be right back.”
Calaina jumped to her feet, and ran to the front of the tower, climbing on the railing Riffian leaned on. While it came to his chiseled waist, her head didn’t even brush the bottom of the walnut bar.

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