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Book Title


Irene Baron

Word Count



1000,000 - 175,000


Irene Baron @ amazon

What's it all about?

Government agencies fail to find terrorists threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. By Executive Order, the new President forms a highly classified operation to remedy that. The Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project (VESPER) is created and housed in secret facilities under the JFK runways.
VESPER leaders learn of South African ‘mindreachers’ born several decades ago. Rumored to have read minds over great distances, no one knows their current locations.
An Ohio teacher and pilot, Ana Masterson, is identified as a minor telepath. She is hired by VESPER to find a mindreacher and teamed with elite warrior and former SEAL, Major Jon Coulter, USMC. Despising anyone psychic, Coulter reluctantly follows orders to protect Masterson and report to his superiors how telepathy may be used in combat.
Supplied with the latest in espionage gadgets, including embedded nano-size transceivers for communication and tracking, their search begins in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Not wanting to be identified, every terrorist cell places Masterson and Coulter on their hit list. The American duo becomes embroiled in a perilous global search for a mindreacher. Action is nonstop.
Readers will find it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction in this George Lucas style of friendly beginnings filled with memorable dueling characters, suspenseful changes in venue, exotic scenes, epic actions and chart busting climax.



JFK International Airport
Jamaica, Queens, New York
1 August 8:45 AM DST

The President of the United States spent anxious moments with advisors planning how government agencies would respond if terrorists acted on their recent threat to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States. He insisted these terrorists be identified by any means possible. When sarcastically told only mind readers could identify a terrorist, he envisioned telepaths working for the government who could locate and identify terrorists. To that end, he initiated his highly classified Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research, or VESPER project, to seek superior telepaths.
Realizing legislative changes were inevitable; he assigned a legal team to analyze existing laws and future legitimacy for VESPER procedures. The nation had to be prepared for issues arising from psychic terrorist identification methods. The public was not alerted to the existence of his VESPER project. It was hidden in abandoned corridors beneath the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) runways.
Previous administrations had enlarged the corridors to house a secret, subterranean, disaster emergency facility for government administrators in case of attack. The JFK facility can accommodate over five-thousand persons for six-weeks. It is a facility for the president to conduct civil and military affairs. The newly appointed VESPER staff was placed in one section of the massive subterranean facility to work on the president’s visionary telepathy project to identify and locate terrorists.

Standing in the JFK airport terminal before a maintenance elevator door, Colonel Andrew Jackson Anderson, USMC, surveyed the area. Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the president’s newly formed VESPER project, he was assigned to lead the psychic testing program once telepaths were found.
Telepaths were rare. He had never met one. Although the VESPER project appeared feasible, it wouldn’t work until they began to find superior telepaths.
Al-Qaeda terrorists were intent on planning history-changing attacks on the United States. The latest threat of destroying American civilian and military airports with nuclear bombs loomed over his head. An established and reliable source had advised that detonations were planned for Thanksgiving weekend in three months. The informant was found murdered the following day. No government agency could find the terrorists.

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