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Book Title

The Mystery of One Blue Shoe/A Bibi and Freddy Adventure

Cheryl Nugent

Word Count



1000 - 2500


What's it all about?

Bibi and her dog Freddy go to visit Aunt Didi. What they find is a sad surprise. Aunt Didi's beautiful home is so cluttered they can hardly walk around. Bibi and her mother want to help and realize Aunt Didi feels sad and alone. But Bibi and Freddy take Aunt Didi to the nearby dog park where they make new friends and Aunt Didi even goes to the shelter to find a wonderful rescue dog to share her home. This story touches gently on hoarding and then goes to reaching out and helping others, including rescuing a lonely dog at a shelter. It is in rhyme but can easily be converted to prose. Hoarding is a widespread concern but there are few books which speak about it to children, often innocent bystanders who can suffer from the effects of this problem. Original illustrations by Jeremy Berger.


There were boxes of shoes,
Dresses in bags,
And most looked brand new,
With their fancy store tags.

Every corner was filled,
Every chair had a box
The couch was piled up
With bright purple socks!

Vases, dishes, old welcome mats,
Pictures of horses, monkeys and cats.
A statue of Santa sat on the floor.
But it wasn’t just here,
They could tell there was more!

The den, the bedrooms
And even the baths,
They only could walk
On small narrow paths.

What’s wrong? Bibi wondered,
She knew Mom was sad,
It was very strange indeed.
Aunt Didi was saying this stuff was ok,
“It’s just all the things that I need.”

Bibi did wonder how that could be true,
Who needs ten footballs, and one old blue shoe?
What do you do with crates of old nails,
And rows of big seashells sitting in pails?

Aunt Didi’s nice house
Was so out of order,
Could it be true?
Was Aunt Didi a hoarder?

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