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Book Title

Lady Joanna's Bed

Cheryl Nugent

Word Count



1000,000 - 175,000


What's it all about?

When Sandy Morgan inherits her aunt's estate in Bucks County, PA, she also inherits an antique bed hidden in a secret room. Intrigued but skeptical, Sandy and her best friend, Kella, begin research on the legendary bed, enlisting help from an old friend at the British Museum. Immersed in the lore and legends, it soon becomes evident that the beautiful bed is for more than sleeping and Sandy and Kella know their destinies depend on finding the answers to the mystery of Lady Joann's Bed.


Last night was Kella’s eleventh night in the bed. Some nights were just spent in a deep, satisfying sleep, but if last night was one of the special times, Sandy was ready and eager to hear it all.
Part of her aunt’s instructions were to not sleep together, but also to never leave the sleeper alone. Not surprisingly, Aunt Alexandra suggested that Sandy might want to install a monitoring device. It was a logical idea to watch the bed and the sleeper and after a good deal of discussion, Sandy installed a state of the art system with monitors in the small office next to the library. There were several screens looking to the main doors and pool and garden areas and no one seeing that room would imagine it was anything other than a typical security system; it was, but with one special extra.
Just when Sandy thought she should go check the monitor again, she heard Kella coming down the hall.
Long dark hair fell in waves on white bare shoulders, the satin blue robe hardly covering any part of Kella’s beautiful body as it fell open to her waist, floating around long, shapely legs. She made an attempt to tie the sash before reaching for orange juice and joining Sandy on the window seat.
“I was in Iceland last night, Sandy,” Kella announced softly. Sandy thought there was sadness in her tone and couldn’t wait to hear everything.
“My God, Iceland? Did it happen? Who was he? When? What time period, do you know?” Sandy asked, with rapt attention. If it happened, it would only be the fifth time since they began actually sleeping in the bed. Sandy and Kella each experienced it twice, this was Kella’s third one and Sandy couldn’t wait for her turn tonight.
“Something was different this time,” Kella began. “It was real… I mean truly real, Sandy. Not a realistic dream, but real! The first two times, for me at least, were good, exciting, but it was just sex. Good sex and magical and so interesting – you know, I don’t have to tell you. But last night… Rowyn. His name is Rowyn and I’ve got to see him again, Sandy. We have to find that book. I’ll never be the same, Sandy; not after last night, not after being with that…” Kella could hardly say it. Finally, with reverence, in awe of her own words and feelings, she whispered to her friend. “Sandy, Rowyn was a Norseman. Last night I was with a Viking!”

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