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Book Title

The Light Of A Silvery Moon

Charles Ramos Jr.

Word Count



80,000 - 100,000


What's it all about?

The life of a young girl named Arianna changes dramatically when she discovers that she is a werewolf. After killing her 3 uncles under her first active full moon she escapes into and hides out in the Carpathian mountains. The story covers her meeting her father who's also a werewolf and her relationship with him and follows Arianna to modern day Seattle where she marries a homicide Detective who's investigating a series of brutal murders which he soon learns were committed by a werewolf. He sets a trap having no clue whom he is about to catch in his web.


It's doubtful that anyone or anything could have heard a sneeze that night, but the runaway freight train of fate was right on time. The sharp staccato sound reached wolfen ears. An oversized black and tan wolf running along the road came to a skidding halt in the mud.
The big wolf stalked silently back along the roadway scanning the trees for the source of that sound. It was a sound that he knew came from a human. While many of God's creatures sneeze, only humans say atchew! when they do it. Making it into an actual word. The swirling wind brought the scent of food as Lukah changed into a werewolf again.
The beast moved slowly, closing in on the big elm tree. His eyes could easily see a human hand sticking out on either side of the trunk. He could also see the rope binding those hands to the tree. Lukah was both amused and curious as he moved around the tree to get a better look at the dope on a rope who would be tonight's dinner. Van Helsing sensed him more than heard Lukah moving as silently as a shadow. Looking back toward the road he could make out the shape of a man.
"Sweet Lord!" the Viscount cried with joy at what he thought would be his redemption from this unspeakable predicament." Please sir, can you please cut me loose?" he inquired, but the shadowy figure neither moved to aid him nor spoke. Van Helsing imagined that he heard an evil laugh coming from the figure.
"I can pay you anything you wish! Anything at all! Name it then I swear you shall have it. Anything! Just cut me loose and I shall forever be in your debt sir." The Viscount swore to the hulking figure and to God. Knowing his own price could be negotiated he believed all men could be bought. Van Helsing gave silent thanks to God that his situation was about to improve. The thought ran through his head that things couldn't possibly get any worse.
That wily old Devil watching from below in the seventh level of hell where he keeps child molesters, rapists, murderers, snitches, liberals, politicians, IRS agents, rap musicians, and NFL referees fell out of his electric chair and smashed numerous lesser demons as he rolled in the coals of hell laughing himself sick at the Viscounts expense.
Just then a bolt of lightning struck the Earth behind Van Helsing and in the brief flash of brilliant white light, he found himself looking into the evil grin of a nightmare come to life. One that now stood face to face with him. Without a doubt, this just was not his day.

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