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Book Title

Arlin The Brave

Ashley Lambright

Word Count



Under 1000


What's it all about?

Arlin is a monster. A brave little, 5-year-old monster who isn’t afraid of much, except velcro, the dark, and children; especially the children hiding in his closet. He decides to face his fear one night only to discover that he’s not so different from the children he’s so afraid of.


Are you afraid of monsters? Do you think monsters are afraid of you?
Well, let me tell you a story about Arlin.
Arlin is five years old. He loves to play with his lovey, Sir Jeffrey, his toy trucks and his favorite food is chocolate ice cream. And I almost forgot! Arlin is…
a teeny-tiny, yellow monster!
Arlin is very brave for a teeny-tiny, yellow monster.
Arlin is not afraid of spiders with their eight creepy-crawly legs.
Arlin is not afraid of moths with their flippy, flappy, fly-in-your-face wings.
Arlin is not even afraid of the thunder that booms during rainstorms.
Now, this might sound silly, but Arlin is afraid of Velcro. The sound gives him the willies and it always sticks to his fur!
Sometimes Arlin gets scared of the vacuum, but only when his mom turns it on without telling him first.
But mostly, Arlin is afraid of the dark.
Well, not the dark really, but the children he thinks are hiding in his closet. Arlin is sure they are in there, just waiting to jump out and bite his toes when he falls asleep.
So Arlin sleeps with a nightlight. He also sleeps with his very favorite lovey, Sir Jeffrey, so he always has something to hug.
Well, sure enough, one night when Arlin goes to bed, he hears a noise coming from his closet!
Yikes! Arlin pulls the covers over his head. He squeezes Sir Jeffrey tight and tries not to be afraid.
Arlin takes a deep breath and decides to be brave. He throws back the blanket and marches straight to his closet.
With Sir Jeffrey tucked under his arms and his eyes shut tight, he throws open the door and shouts, “I’m not afraid of you!”
But… no one answered!
Well, that wasn’t so bad. Arlin feels much braver, so he slowly walks into the closet.
Nothing but clothes, shoes, and some toys he put in there when he cleaned his room.
Wait a second! Arlin sees a light, right there behind his clothes.
Arlin is still feeling brave, so he walks through his clothes toward the weird light and you will not believe what he finds!
Arlin finds another closet! The door is wide open and Arlin can see another room.
Arlin sees blue walls, airplane decorations, and two beds.
Then Arlin sees a funny, wiggly lump in the middle of the bed against the wall.

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