Book Title

I Am Sheffrou

Cami Michaels

Word Count


Science Fiction

80,000 - 100,000



What's it all about?


Tamara Walsh longs for excitement in her life. She falls in a wormhole, travels to a desolate world, and is rescued by aliens who live underground in a complex society based on three genders. She meets Maashi, a Sheffrou, member of the third gender, who cares for her and fulfills her every erotic desire. Will Tamara find her way back home to her family or will she be forever stranded on this world with the Sheffrou she loves?


I tiptoed down the wooden steps that led to the yard careful not to dirty my new white sneakers and stopped on the landing, a flat stone covered with moss. The April sun had beckoned me with its warm rays and I couldn’t resist exploring outside. I surveyed the low country marsh in the horizon and smiled at the chirping of the magpies.
Today was Saturday and I would be alone most of the day. Again. My son David had Jeff early to study with friends and my daughter Allison was upstairs organizing a shopping trip.

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