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Digger's Izy
Nancy Weston
Word Count:
1000,000 - 175,000
Currently Published?

As the population of post-WWII Los Angeles is exploding and overwhelming the pueblo infrastructure, Isabella finds herself caught between her powerless, loving mother, and brilliant father who is tortured by mental illness. As a child, she relies upon her maternal grandmother for encouragement and stability, is enthralled by the family lore and bolstered by the wisdom. But Grandy is ill.

It is a tumultuous time for Isabella’s family, Los Angeles, and for the Country. Shortly before the Watts riots in Los Angeles, Isabella graduates from an ethnically diverse school with peers who are headed for college, racial strife, or Vietnam. She is edgy, angry, and believes she can take on the world. But not everyone is what they appear to be and she makes early mistakes. Love proves as dangerous as it can be a comfort and always looming is the specter of her father’s schizophrenia. Isabella is no victim and at a moment of crisis, she stops escaping her life, turns to run right at it!

You will love the history! You will be captivated by the characters! You will be engrossed in Isabella’s struggles and delight in her accomplishments. Great descriptions that don’t crowd the story. Written lyrically, with much poignancy, “Digger’s Izy” is a moving read!

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